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The Keys to Helping


By Michelle Beneski, Esq.

Fred is a ninety year old man who lives alone.  He never married and has no children.  His only sister Gloria is deceased.  Gloria’s daughter Claire tries to look after Uncle Fred.   read more  

The Divorce is Final and Now...

Family & Relationships

By Susan A. Dewsnap CFP® CDFA™ and Kevin R. Worthley CFP® CDFA™

For most women, divorce can be a long weary process.  After the final court date, there may be a sense of relief when the final Property Settlement Agreement has been signed.  read more  

“If I Had a Million Dollars. . .”


By J. Katherine Scott, Esq. & Laura G. Handwerger, Esq.

Do you remember a time when we all thought that if we had a million dollars, we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams?    read more  

Botox and Dentistry

Health & Wellness

By Jennifer Kuchar, DMD

Admit it! You hear the word Botox and the first image that comes to your mind is probably an expressionless celebrity...  read more  

Part Time, Flexible Jobs Available

Health & Wellness

By Sailynn Doyle

Do you enjoy working with seniors? Every single day, families are struggling to cope.  read more  

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